Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Exit Slips

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I need to use more Exit Slips.  I have a “What Stuck with you Today?” poster in my room.  Students can use sticky notes to answer quick questions at the end of class.  I have used Padlet.  But I don’t use them enough!  I teach, teach, teach until the last minute and by the time I think of an Exit Ticket, it’s time to go.  Exit Ticket ideas become questions on longer assessments.  These days we are often asked about student progress.  And DATA!!!  We know our students, we have so much data in our heads.  But we have to have data that can be analyzed by others.  Exit tickets are perfect!  After reading “The Many Uses of Exit Slips”, I have even more ideas for Exit Slips.  We can use them to gauge understanding of a lesson not by asking a content specific question, but asking “what are you still confused about after this lesson?”.  What a powerful question! I learned a cool trick at CCIRA.  I love it because I always wonder where to keep all this data.  When we are asking questions about specific content we can use a file folder to collect data.  One side is labeled “Got it”, and as students are walking out the door, we can glance at the sticky note to see if they do have it.  Those sticky notes are placed there.   The other side is split into two sections and labeled “Quick re-teach” and “need more support”.  Just a quick way to see where our kids are at!

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