Thursday, May 14, 2015


We have 6 school days left.  We are tired, our students are anxious and some are falling apart. We are trying our best to hold everyone (and everything) together for a few more days ;)

I keep going back and forth between being excited to relax this summer and feeling sad because I will really miss the kids in my class.  We have become a little family at Euclid.  I was thinking about what to write for my final blog post and came across the 9 videos to inspire a teacher at the beginning of the year.   Why not watch these videos to inspire me to give it my all this last week of school?!  

I am glad I did.  What a great reminder of why we do what we do.  Instead of thinking about the last lessons I need to squeeze in, the grading I need to do, and the final assessments I need to give, I think of the growth my students have made…. academically, socially, organizationally, etc. I have witnessed positive changes.  All the work we do throughout the year is definitely worth it. And that is a wonderful feeling!

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